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Sophia is currently writing a mediaeval novel (a story set in the middle ages, not a very old fashioned book).  She is an occasional lecturer at Stirling University School of Publishing and has recently stood down from her position as Editorial Director  of Ether Books, the Mobile Publishing Company.  Before that she was the Tutor in Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes University School of Publishing for many years, teaching courses in children’s fiction and crime fiction, with workshops on plotting, character development,  research, drafting, sense of place, and avoiding clichés.

Writing as Sophia Creswell, she has published two novels with Sceptre. Her first,Sam Golod, 1996, was set in the anarchic underbelly of modern Russia. The Observerwrote “Sophia Creswell has caught well both Russia’s atmosphere of seedy violence and the mild hysteria of its artistic coteries.”  Her second book, Red Tape, 1998, charts a love affair doomed to failure by the pressures of the asylum and immigration system. In 1997 she won the Southern Arts Literary Award

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  1. Catriona Bass says:

    Hello dearest dear,

    That’s telepathy – I have just bought a bike and was cycling through autumn Pburg thinking of you and wanting a chat and… lovely site. c

  2. I had heard Obama quote something similar when talking about the differences in opinion between he and former-primary-competitor, now running mate, Joe Biden. He said that he wanted to surround himself with people other than yes-men, so he could hear and debate thoughts different from his own.

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